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How to Get Thicker Hair

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Do you still think that thinning hair is just a guys' problem? Think again, around thirty million women (most of them around the age of 20) have to deal with the issue daily.

One of the top causes for your hair to thin is a poor diet. Protein and iron deficiency can exacerbate stress-related hair loss. This is when your worn-out body keeps the energy for more important functions other than growing your strands and as a result you hair starts shedding. Here are some tips on how to eat your way to healthier hair.

Vitamin B

Getting enough quantities of Vitamin B which is essential for your hair's health, it will keep your hair thick and as a consequence you'll see less shedding. These are some foods that are highly packed on this important nutrient: fruits, vegetables, nuts and brown rice. 


As mentioned before a deficiency of iron can lead to poor hair growth. Pack your diet with green leafy vegetables, beef, fish and poultry.


Essential oils can help you thicken your hair. Kendi, Argan, Lavander and Chamomille,  among others, can help thicken your hair strands. You can apply the oil unto your scalp and massage it with your fingers, also you can try a hot oil treatment to help infuse the oil nutrients into your hair. You can check this list from Beautylish.com with the Best Oil Treatments for your Hair Type.

What's your key to healthy hair? Please tell us on the comments section below.


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