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5 Bad Habits Causing Your Wrinkles

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With every single second, minute, hour or day that passes by we are aging: that's a fact. With aging comes wisdom,

but one of our worst enemies as well: wrinkles. While it's true that aging and wrinkles are highly related, aging is not

the only element that causes them. There are other several factors that also contribute to the wrinkling of your skin,

some of which are habits that we normally do without analyzing their repercussions. Make sure you continue reading

to find out the bad habits causing your wrinkles and how to avoid them.

A Poor Diet

As the saying goes you are what you eat. Your diet plays an important role on how your skin looks. Sugar can not

only make you gain weight, it also can make you look older. Sugar molecules can get attached to the protein from

your skin and deform them (glycation), which leads to lack of facial elasticity on your skin thus causing wrinkles.

Renowned dermatologist Dr. Nicholas Perricone recommends to include foods on your diet that actually prevent skin

inflammation such as salmon, fresh fruits and vegetables to protect your skin and have a positive impact on your

appearance. A healthy diet will not only reflect on your body, it will also show improvements on your skin

Skipping Sunscreen

We have been told several times to always protect our skin by wearing sunscreen to prevent skin cancer, but

exposing your skin to the UV rays without protection can also lead to wrinkles. No, you don't need to isolate from the

world and stay home during the day to prevent wrinkles. Applying sunscreen on a daily basis will help you protect

your skin. Choose one that has at least SPF30. After all, we need to get from 15-20 minutes of sun to get our daily

dose of vitamin D. Let's make our new motto to wear sunscreen rains or shines.

Stretching your Skin to Apply Makeup

You want to be able to move your face whenever you are wearing makeup. That's why stretching your skin to apply it

is never a good idea. This habit leads to wrinkles. If you don't believe us ask your makeup artist.

Sleeping with Makeup

While makeup can make you look younger, sleeping without removing it won't. In a recent survey, a third of women

questioned confessed that they slept with make up on at least twice a week. As we go throughout the day, makeup

and other pollutants make their way through our skin sinking in our pores and mixing with our collagen and elastin,

which contributes to the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. You can check this shocking experiment where Anna's

face aged 10 years by not removing her makeup at night for just month.


Experts agree that smoking accelerates aging. On average, smokers look 1.4 years older than nonsmokers.* When

you smoke your blood supply, which causes keeps you looking young and healthy, hinders and you begin to wrinkle.

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