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4 Tricks to Avoid Hair Damage During Summer




Summer is finally here! Time to enjoy beautiful sunny days, road trips, going to the beach and hair damage. Yes, you read that right. During the summer days the raising temperatures and the prolonged exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet A and B (UVA and UVB) rays can damage your hair from its cuticle to its inner structure. If you are like me you might enjoy a getting a good tan under the sun, but we need to remember to protect our hair before exposing in to Mr. Sun because this can cause weak, dry and brittle hair which is prone to split ends. Keep reading to find out how to enjoy your summer days without having to worry about your hair.

1. Deep Condition

06-27-11 Mr Toms.jpg

Deep conditioning your hair will infuse your strands with those essential nutrients it needs to stay healthy. Like any other part of your body hair requires nourishment. Many of your hair’s vital nutrients are lost everyday due to pollution and contamination. That’s is why it is important to replenish your hair with proteins and vitamins, which can be found on many deep

conditioners. This will help maintain your hair’s elasticity and will keep your hair strong.

2. Detangle Often


As the saying goes: “The more the merrier” this also applies to combing your hair.

You should detangle both before washing your hair and after, and always using a wide tooth comb. Beginning on the ends and working your way up to your scalp, this will help you prevent the tearing of the hair which often leads to split ends.

3. Use a boar-bristle brush


Boar Bristle Brushes help distribute your hair’s natural oils keeping it shiny and healthy.

This will also help moisturize and keep your hair healthy. Do it at least once a day from scalp to ends.

4. Be gentle with hot tools


While it might be just impossible to stay away from them, we recommend to be gentle on their use. The already high temperatures and the exposing to the sun might damage your locks you definitely don’t want to also harm your hair by over heating in with hot tools.


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